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Auction 12  15 May 2022
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Lot 1015

Estimate: 750 CHF
Price realized: 3000 CHF
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Octavian, 44-27 BC. Denarius (Silver, 20 mm, 3.89 g, 6 h), uncertain Italian mint (Rome?), autumn 30-summer 29. Bare head of Octavian to right. Rev. Octavian's Actian arch surmounted by Octavian standing in facing quadriga; on architrave, IMP•CAESAR. BMC 624. CBN 66. Cohen 123. CRI 422. RIC 267. Fresh and attractive, with a lovely reverse. The obverse struck somewhat off center, otherwise, good very fine.

From the collection of Dipl.-Ing. Adrian Lang.
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