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August 2022 Auction  10 Aug 2022
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Lot 18

Starting price: 100 GBP
Price realized: 110 GBP
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13 x Roman Imperial AE, to include: Domitian (81-96AD) As, obv. IMP CAES DOMT AVG GERM COS XII CENS PER P P, laureate head right, rev. MONETA AVGVSTI, Moneta standing left holding scales and cornucopia, S-C across field, Fine; Antoninus Pius (138-160AD) Sestertius, obv. laureate head right, rev. COS IIII, Fides standing left, holding a legionary standard in each arm, VG; Severus Alexander (222-235AD) Sestertius, obv. IMP SEV ALEXANDER AVG, laureate head right, rev. ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma seated left on shield, holding Victory and sceptre, SC in exergue, Sear 8016, VG to near Fine; Gordian III (238-244AD) As, obv. IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, laureate head right, rev. AETERNITATI AVG, Sol standing with globe in left hand, right arm raised, Sear 8773, Fine; Aurelian (270-275AD) Antoninianus, obv. IMP AVRELIANVS AVF, radiate heaf right, rev. ORIENS AVG, Sol left, two bound captives at feet, Fine; Diocletian (284-305AD) Antoninianus, obv. IMP CC VAL DIOCLETIANVS AVG, radiate head right, rev. CONCORDIA MILITVM, Diocletian standing right receiving Victory from Jupiter, officina letter A below, XXI in exergue, VF; Maximianus (286-305AD) Follis, obv. IMP CMA MAXIMIANVS PF AVG, laureate head right, rev. GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius standing left, modius on head, holding patera and cornucopiae, mm K Δ in exergue, Sear 13269, GVF/AVF; Licnius I (308-324AD) Follis, Alexandria Mint, rev. IOVI CONSER-VATORI AVGG, Jupiter standing left holding Victory on globe and sceptre, mm ALE in exergue, VF; Maximinus II (309-313AD) Follis, Antioch Mint, rev. GENIO CA-ESARIS, Genius standing left wearing modius, holding cornucopia and patera, I in right field, mm ANT in exergue, AVF/Fine; Constantine I (306-337AD) AE3, Arles Mint, rev. GLOR-IA EXERC-ITVS, two soldiers holding spears and legionary standards, mm SCONST in exergue, GVF; Constantine II (337-340AD) AE3, Trier Mint, rev. GLOR-IA EXERC-ITVS, two soldiers holding spears and legionary standards, mm TR•S in exergue, AEF; Constantius II (337-361) Follis, Constantinople Mint, rev. FEL TEMP RE-PARATIO, soldier spearing fallen horseman, mm CONSA•, GVF+; and Gratian (367-383AD) Cententionalis, rev. GLORIA ROMANORUM, Gratian dragging captive with right hand, Fine.
(Estimate: 100 - 150 GBP)
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