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August 2022 Auction  10 Aug 2022
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Lot 85
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Starting price: 200 GBP
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♦A Collection of 25 x Pre-Victorian Shillings and Sixpences, comprising: 13 x shillings: Anne 1707E* second draped bust Fair, George I 1723 first laureate and draped bust, rev. SSC in angles, minor obv. flecking Fine/VF, George II 1743 rev. roses in angles AVF/VF, and 1745 LIMA(x2) Fine, George III 1816 VG, 1817 RRITT die flaw, obv. scratches/pitting GFine to AVF, and 1819/8 AFine, George IV 1824, 1826(x2) Fair to VG, and William IV 1834(x2) GFine and AFine; and 12 x sixpences: Anne 1708E* Fair, George II 1757(x4) one VF and 3 x Fine, and 1758(x2) AVF obv. and rev. flecking and VG, George III 1787(x2) laureate and draped bust, no semée of hearts, minor flecking blue/gold tone GVF, and with semée of hearts VG to AFine, 1816 laureate head, light scratches/hairlines AVG, and 1817 pitted surfaces VG, and William IV 1837 Fair/VG.
(Estimate: 200 - 300 GBP)
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