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Auction 45  26-29 Jan 2023
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Lot 194

Starting price: 200 000 USD
Price realized: 240 000 USD
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UMAYYAD: al-Walid I, 705-715, AR dirham (2.35g), 'Uman (Oman), AH90, A-128, Klat-500, Umayyad dirhams dated AH81 and 90 are the earliest Islamic coins struck in Oman, attractive VF, RRR. There are two confirmed examples dated AH81: (1) In the Oman Currency Museum, illustrated by Darley-Doran on page 12 and also in Zeno as #65759; and (2) formerly in a private collection, reportedly sold to a museum in the Middle East; an alleged third example, sold in a Spink auction in October 2000 (Lot 13) may be the same example formerly in the private collection.For the year AH90, there are now 4 confirmed examples: (1) Oman Currency Museum, published by Robert Darley-Doran, History of Currency in the Sultanate of Oman, in 1990 (page 129, with enlarged illustration on page 14), which is same piece published by John Walker as "Ties.16", originally published by Otto Blau & J.C. Stickel in Zur muhammedischen Numismatik... in 1857 (also illustrated by Shams-Eshragh as his #722) (2) in the collection of Michel Klat, which he published and illustrated as #500 with the code OHF in Catalogue of Post-Reform Dirhams... in 2002, page 190 (3) an example sold by Morton & Eden in their Auction 48, Lot 35 (April 2011), also illustrated as Zeno-97537; and (4) this piece offered in Stephen Album Rare Coins Auction 45.Klat also makes a reference to an example sold in the Monnaies et Médaille Auction in 1989, Lot 363, but that example has not been traced and we have failed to find an illustration; it may be the piece acquired by Klat.Klat's item OHF is his piece, TIE, ASE, and OMN all refer to the same example, now in the museum in Oman and published by Darley-Doran, as noted above, and M&M is the Monnaies et Médaille specimen of 1989, and may be the same as his PRV specimen.

Estimate: 250,000-300,000 USD
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