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Auction 13  27 May 2023
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Lot 330

Estimate: 1000 CHF
Price realized: 1700 CHF
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Caracalla, 198-217. Sestertius (Orichalcum, 34 mm, 25.09 g, 12 h), Rome, 213. M AVREL ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT Laureate and cuirassed bust of Caracalla to right, seen from behind. Rev. P M TR P XVI COS IIII P P / S - C Libertas standing front, head to left, holding pileus in her right hand and long scepter in her left. BMC 248. Cohen 229. RIC 498b. An attractive coin, struck on a broad flan and with a lovely light brown patina. Somewhat smoothed, otherwise, about extremely fine.

Ex Lanz 163, 7 December 2016, 369.
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