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Auction 17  19 Nov 2023
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Lot 75

Starting price: 200 CHF
Price realized: 250 CHF
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ROMAN REPUBLIC. The Caesarians. Julius Caesar, 49-44 BC. Denarius late 48-47 BC, military mint traveling with Caesar in North Africa. RRC 458/1. AR. 3.75 g. - VF lightly cleaned
On the reverse is represented Aeneas, the legendary Trojan hero and son of the goddess Venus, who played a crucial role in the aftermath of the Trojan War, leading the survivors on a perilous journey that culminated in the foundation of Rome. On Aeneas shoulder is Anchises, his father, a prince of Dardania and was known for his lineage and wisdom ; he was also a central figure in Aeneas' journey, guiding him and providing important insights about their destiny.

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