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E-Sale 119  24-25 Apr 2024
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Caligula Æ Cast Paduan 'Sestertius'. Early cast after Giovanni Cavino (1500-1570), circa 1600-1900. C • CAESAR • DIVI • AVG • PRON • AVG • P • M • TR • P • IIII • P • P •, laureate head to left / AGRIPPINA DRVSILLA IVLIA, the three sisters of Caligula standing facing: Agrippina (as Securitas), leaning on column, holding cornucopiae and placing hand on shoulder of Drusilla (as Concordia), who holds patera and cornucopiae, while to right Julia (as Fortuna), holds rudder and cornucopiae; S•C in exergue. HMB I.26 var. (obv. legend); Klawans 2 var. (same); Lawrence 9. 28.33g, 36mm, 6h.

Condition as seen. Pierced.

Reportedly ex M. Oates Collection.
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