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Constantine XI Stavrata. ; Constantine XI Stavrata; Oct. 30, 1448 - May 25, 1453 AD, Stavrata, Constantinople, 6.59g. S. Bendall, "The Coinage of Constantine XI," Revue Numismatique 1991, #91 (this coin). Obv: Facing bust of Christ, wearing nimbus cruciger and holding gospels, Rx: Facing bust of Constantine XI. Struck during the final siege of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks. This coin was struck during the siege that destroyed Constantinople and the Roman Empire. The image of the emperor is poor because the die cutter had deserted the Romans. It is said that this coin was struck with silver implements that were in the church of Constantinople to pay the workmen who rebuilt the walls of the city at night after the cannon, designed by a deserted Roman, knocked down the walls. The portrait of Christ is better than the portrait of the emperor because the portraits of Christ were done in advance since the Christian Romans always knew that Christ would be on their coins, but never knew who the emperor would be. This coin is unusual because the name of the emperor is visible, whereas on many of these coins the name of the emperor, because of poor centering, did not appear. Before the find of which this coin was part, only two coins of Constantine XI had been recorded. Only 16 coins of this denomination are recorded. EF

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